Senior Executives, including Operations Directors and other lead executives from your organization, will travel to Seattle to receive customized training from the executives at One Eighty/Leisure Care. In addition to training at our corporate offices, your executive team will also participate in multiple site visits at Leisure Care communities throughout western Washington State. This on-site training serves three fundamental purposes:

  • It will allow your executives to observe, first-hand, day-to-day corporate operations as handled by top senior living professionals.
  • It will provide your executives with practical experience in senior living communities while simultaneously giving them the opportunity to work with the senior population that we serve.
  • In addition to the operations of the community, the executives will participate in the auditing process, in order to ensure a first-class community and experience for both residents and employees.

If your executives wish to do so, they will have the opportunity to stay at one of our communities during their training period. This immersion-based learning will prove valuable for understanding how we implement policies and procedures at the community level and will provide first-hand experience working in the community.