General Managers Scott Haile (Desert Point) and Holli Korb (Spokane) are the lead instructors for the GM Training. Both Scott and Holli are proven Leisure Care operations experts and currently lead the Leisure Care University program.

Throughout the program, the Leisure Care University participant will work closely with the general manager and experienced frontline staff in every department of the community.  This is a great way to learn the most effective way to plan and deliver services.  Areas of focus include:


Administration and Management

  • Work directly with the community general manager to learn principles and processes related to budgeting and financial analysis/management.
  • Learn principles, processes and tools that will help you select, train and inspire the best employees.
  • Learn principles and processes relating to establishing a positive community environment while maintaining effective communication practices with both residents and employees.
  • Gain exposure and receive practical tools that will help you facilitate effective risk management and outstanding customer service.

Assisted Living

  • Learn the principles of assisted living and Leisure Care’s dedication to person-centered, hospitality-focused service delivery.
  • You will have the chance to work with our licensed nurse and gain insights into the laws and regulations that govern resident care. This is very helpful to those that plan to spearhead the establishment of standards and regulations that impact assisted living communities.  This is especially important in markets that currently lack such standards.
  • Work alongside our professional caregivers to gain insight in how resident care is managed and scheduled for efficiency, effectiveness and meeting residents’ individual needs.
  • Gain understanding in processes relating to management of resident medications.

Food Service

  • An overview of the trends and unique aspects related to senior dining.
  • Work with one of our Chefs to learn menu planning, purchasing and overall execution of more than 150,000 meals a year.
  • You will have the opportunity to work directly with food production and service teams while learning service principles and labor control.


  • Work directly with the head housekeeper and guest services manager in a hands-on approach to learning the processes, equipment and service principles related to operating an effective and efficient department.

Building Maintenance

  • Work directly with the plant operations department in order to learn the intricacies of maintaining facility equipment, practicing effective risk management along with providing customer service to both current and prospective residents.

Programs and Activities

  • Discuss and review trends and principles related to resident programming, supporting a variety of resident needs and desires while also addressing programming geared to different abilities within the resident population.


  • Work directly with our PrimeFit professional to gain knowledge of the current trends and unique approaches relating to senior fitness and wellness.

Sales and Marketing

  • You will work directly with our professional sales staff in order to learn the principles and processes relating to relationship selling while having the opportunity to participate directly in community tours, outreach, and events.  You will also have the opportunity of working and meeting directly with prospective residents and their families in order to gain insight of their needs and challenges.
  • You will learn the principles and processes related to managing an effective sales force.
  • You will learn principles related to effectively marketing the community through media, events, and community outreach.


  • You may also get to participate in focus groups with current residents and family members. These groups provide outstanding insight into why seniors and their families chose senior housing as an option and what they appreciate most about the retirement community experience.
  • You may also visit other communities in the market to assess how services are delivered differently by competitors.