Your Department Heads will take part in a two-week session with their counterpart at Fairwinds – Desert Point or Fairwinds – Spokane, immersing themselves in the daily policies, procedures and operating practices that are the norm at our world-class communities. Department Heads will learn how their department fits into the greater community and how to most effectively work with colleagues and residents in order to create an efficient and harmonious workplace. They will have the opportunity to work side by side with their Leisure Care colleagues and their respective teams in order to glean the necessary experience to perform their jobs to the highest standards and to use Leisure Care principles to train their own teams upon return to your community.

Department Heads will follow the same guidelines as General Manager participants (see above). However, as their immersion experience will be focused on one specific department, the depth and breadth of their knowledge base will exceed that of the GMs. This, in turn, will allow GMs to focus their efforts on running a successful community without becoming overly involved in departmental minutiae.